Are You Turning Customers On or Off? 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing

genesocialAccording to daily time spent on social networks is now over 2 hours! As people spend more time on social media, viewing more content than ever, you might be tempted to think it’s impossible to compete and not worth getting involved.  You couldn’t be more mistaken! If you’re staying away because you don’t have time or don’t know what to post, you may be handing your customers over to your competition. Worse, posting something in the spur of the moment could be harming your reputation.

Creating a targeted social media strategy around your business goals will help you connect with new and existing customers. Posting without a strategy, just to simply appear like an active business, can hurt you. Without a strategy and means to track it, how do you know that the content you post is contributing to your business in a positive way? What if it’s actually turning your followers and potential customers off?

Reputations can be made or destroyed on social networks. Take one look at the news on Twitter these days! It is important not to post haphazardly and to have a well thought out strategy that aligns with your goals.

Where to begin?

  1. Create strategic, company-aligned goals. Which products or service bring you the most revenue? Where do you need more engagement? Use S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  2. Find out where your clients are: which channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest? You don’t need to use them all; it’s better to be excellent at one, rather than be weak on many.
  3. Create content and a calendar around your company events or promotions.
  4. Pay attention to your keywords and search strings so that your content remains optimized and relevant.
  5. Make sure you are not being pushy: you should only post promotional material about 10% -20% of the time. Remember you are trying to start conversations – you need to be listening.
  6. Use video! Live video is still exciting to users. Any video ads should include sub-titles for your followers who multi-task.
  7. Be prepared to respond in a timely manner to social media posts from your followers.
  8. Measure everything: what works…what was ignored? Did someone comment in a negative manner? Did shares or web traffic visits increase? Measuring results will drive adjustments to your social media activity that leads to better results.
  9. Use paid content. Unfortunately, using paid content will be more necessary in the future. All the social networks’ algorithms are changing, and the chances that your audience will see your free content grows slimmer.
  10. Use chatbots and give your customer service a boost. Chances are you are doing it already on your Facebook business page. Chatbots are a type of AI that can interact with customers via social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger

Use these tips to plan and execute your social media strategy and you’ll find it helps your bottom line.


Author: searchmarketingassistant

Google Ads Certified, Local SEO

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