Five Things You Can Do (right now) To Increase Your Sales In 2018!

tire-wheel-vintage-antique-53161.jpegAre you in a bit of a rut? Like a car that’s got stuck in a muddy pot hole, your business can sometimes quietly veer off course as we experience distractions, money issues or other administrative tasks that keep us from doing what really makes us money. And let’s face it – we all must sell something to stay in business. Regardless of circumstance, it costs money to keep it going.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing the same things each day. We start our day cleaning up the messes we were unable to address the previous day, and by the time we get these things done (or they don’t get done) we are too busy to think about growing sales or marketing our business! And that my friends, is how we fall into the rut of doing the same old- same old and expecting different results.

The secret is not to try harder…but to try “different”! Take a few moments to look at five different strategies you can implement that can get you out of that rut – and quickly!

  1. Switch it up, bundle it or repackage it.

Are you still flogging the same services and products without at least revising the copy on your website? It’s okay to offer the same services that make you money – but as times changes, how people see your product changes too. New research may offer statistics that show benefits of your product or service differently. Trends may show problems that your product or service now solves. Change how you word things, promote things and consider bundling several products together with a discount. Switch things up a bit so people NOTICE what it is you have to offer – or see it in a different light. Then update this information on your website (you better have one it’s 2018).

  1. Promote your brand on social media and Google My Business

It is simple. Give people the opportunity to ‘see’ and learn about what you have to offer – and to purchase when they are convinced they need it. This is a process of education and trust with your potential clients. Social media provides the opportunity to engage with your prospects. Don’t just push your products and services, educate and ENGAGE them.  Formulate a strategy, based on your business goals, and execute it to entice people to visit your website and read your blog.  You have a blog…don’t you? That’s another post for another day (p.s. it’s easier than you think).

  1. Communicate with your clients

Many small business owners make the fatal mistake of waiting for clients to call them, instead of enticing them to purchase. The best way to communicate is in person or on the phone. In 2018, communication will be key. Messaging and texting for business is growing and you can start there but it should lead to a phone conversation.  Stay in contact with previous client, potential clients and interested people – educating them about new trends and services. When was the last time you asked your clients what they needed, what they liked or what else they bought? An electronic survey can do just that! Keep them in the loop so they are reminded of the benefits you bring to their life…including service they can trust. And while you are at it – ask for a Google review and send them an easy link to do it. Reviews count more than ever in 2018!

  1. Give something away

Yes! And why not? Giving away a sample product or service reduces your clients risk. If you spend less time trying to convince them you have great value and instead SHOW them – your sales window widens and your time invested actually shrinks. Let them experience what you have to offer and decide before they buy if it is of value or not!

  1. Revisit your web site

If you clients can’t find you, you don’t exist. Have you checked your ranking on Google lately? Have you updated your website with fresh content including video or photos? Maybe you aren’t researching the search phrases your potential customers are using to find businesses like yours. Is your site mobile friendly? Is it secure? Statistics matter and numbers don’t lie.  If your car is out of gas, it’s not going anywhere. Your website is your car and Google the engine. Take time to audit your site and make changes necessary to get in front of your audience.

Each of these ideas in and of themselves are pretty easy to implement. But the result of implementing even one can rejuvenate your business – give you energy and ideas and boost your confidence as a business owner! Don’t stay stuck in that rut, or spin your tires in the mud. Use this “business tow truck” and try one of these strategies today.



Author: searchmarketingassistant

Google Ads Certified, Local SEO

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