Want More Reviews? Reconnect with Your Customers in a Meaningful Way

The world is a complex place both in business and our personal lives.  Your clients are bombarded daily by ads, social media, email spam and robocalls.  While only 11% of emails get opened, following-up with a tangible, physical greeting card means it will get opened. Emails, text and social media comments don’t encourage word of mouth referrals. When was the last time your clients (or you for that matter) received a personal card in the mail to celebrate and show gratitude for their business? When it comes from you it can separate you from the pack and boost your bottom line.

Why It Works

  • The easy online system and app we use lets you send personalized greeting cards in the MAIL. With the click of a button, you can choose from thousands of real designer cards or you can completely customize a card with photos, your personal font, signature and custom branding. When you press send, the physical cards will print, be stuffed, stamped and mailed for you.
  • Your real greeting cards are in the font or handwriting you choose, with your customized message and real postage stamp. You can even include a gift!
  • Acquiring new customers can be a full time job. But what about the customers you already have? They represent a goldmine in referrals. By working the relationship with current customers, you’ll not only generate additional business from them, but the referrals you receive will take your business to that next level of profitability.
  • Reputation is everything. Google reviews can make or break your business. Sending a simple greeting card or postcard (mailed for you) is a solid “marketing method” that cannot be emphasized enough.  It can earn the goodwill to get you that review.  If you take the time to send a physical card, they’ll take the time to post a review online!
  • Hands down the single most effective appreciation touch is the “Thank You Card”. Less than 3% of people in business send thank you cards, yet it generates more referral business than any other single touch. People love to receive greeting cards.  We are affiliated with simple yet effective SendOutCards.  Show you care about the people you do business with: send a tangible touch in the mail and watch your business grow.

Find out more about relationship marketing and referrals. Visit our SendOutCards website today for cool demos on what other businesses have done.


Social Listening Ain’t Just Good Manners: Why Your Business Needs it in 2018 (Facebook changes, etc.)

pexels-photo-561870.jpegIf it doesn’t get shared…does it really exist? In 2018 maybe not.  As a business person, there are a couple of important things happening that you need to know about:

Everything old is new again!

Facebook’s newsfeed is changing. Facebook announced this month that it will show users more stories, photos and videos that their friends have posted, hoping to bring back “meaningful social interactions”. For those of us publishing branded content, the chances of getting it across our targeted market’s newsfeed just decreased. So, what’s the solution? After the Facebook algorithm change, users will need to engage with your content when it comes across their newsfeed to keep it coming up.

Surprise! This is what we were supposed to be doing with our content anyway; make it engaging. Every time your audience interacts with your business on Facebook, it feeds their machine’s equation, telling them, ‘This fan is interested in this content.’ And then Facebook’s AI concludes, ‘I’ll show this user more of what they like.’ However, now more than ever you will likely have to pay for this visibility  through ads.

Then there’s “Content Shock”

The term, coined by Mark Schaefer, means the blog post that you spent hours working on will not get the same number of views as it would have yesterday, even when you pay to promote it. This is the new reality. We have so much content constantly thrown at us that we are all suffering from content overload. How can we get our message through? More is clearly not the answer. But don’t give up – there are some tactics you can use. Three key points to consider:

  • Be prepared to pay for ads on social media to reach even your current audience and potential new customers.
  • Produce content that gets shared. And how do you know what might get shared? By listening to your customers! Just posting content or pushing your message is not effective. Try social listening! Look for trends and themes in your customers’ reviews and social media comments you can craft content that your audience might want. Is there a particular problem they keep mentioning? Are they confused about your service? This kind of social listening will help you refine your content to be truly helpful to your customers.
  • Interact with your followers. Remember – social media is “social”. Specifically, for Facebook, instead of just responding to users’ remarks, actively work to generate conversation within Facebook comment threads, where engagement can truly happen. Create Facebook groups that may be safe from the new algorithm. Reach out and talk to them via video, polls, contests, stories, questions, giveaways.  Let them know you want to hear what they have to say!

Once they are engaged, your customers can be messengers for your business and help promote new buyer trust. These customers advocating for your business through reviews, comments and shares help increase trust in the products and services you provide. Social listening is good for your bottom line…and probably your soul.

Remember, we can help with Google and Facebook advertising. Reach out to us for a free discussion and quote.